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Product line focus: Prime Legionaires


Our Legion Armoury product line is growing ever larger, with more and more Prime Legionary fitted bits available with every wave of releases.
Take a look at our products suited for Prime Legionary models and decide what bits you need to customize the Chapter of your choosing!

The first thing to choose when building your own Prime Legionary models with our bits is the Prime Legionary Body type for your Brethren. Decide if you prefer the standard or more stylized look, or maybe more dynamic poses?

The wide selection of Legionary Heads sets allows you to customize the distinct look of your Chapter even more. Some of our designs have also the Veteran variant which will help you depict different ranks of your Brethren. Note that all of our Legionary head sets fit both standard and prime Legionary models.

All of our Legionary Shoulder Pads also fit both standard and prime Legionary miniatures. There are a lot designs to choose from, even the Retributor Chapter Shoulder Pads.

Pick the Legionary Backpack design best suited for your Legionaries. Along with the standard Power Backpack we also have the Jump Packs and Legionary Engineer conversion set that fit both standard and prime Legionaries!

Our Prime Legionary Arms selection will let you convert your Prime Legionaries to the Assault Class, Inferno Blaster Squad, sergeants, chaplains, heroes and many others!

To customize your models even more we have many types of Weapons and shields to choose from when arming your Legionaries!

There are also Legionary Banners and Tomes available, that you may need to finish your models and squads!

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