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Product Focus: Gnawzilla & Killa Gnaws


Gnaws are fungoid beasts raised by the orcs for many purposes - mainly for meat and as a live weapons. They come in many shapes, forms and sizes.
Today we will focus on the bigger Gnaws because, of course - the bigger, the better!

Killa Gnaws

Gnaws are not an uncommon sight in greenskin armies, herded by the orcs to release them in ferocious attacks. But since the wild beasts with their chaotic nature are not the most efficient weapon in modern warfare, the Killa Gnaw living walkers were invented as a joint venture of some kunnin′ Mech-Boy and Chirurgeon.
Armed with large calibre guns and deadly shears and buzz-saws and operated with a controller (hardwired to the animal brain) by a goblin pilot they are trotting across the battlefield wreaking havoc in enemy infantry lines.

Killa Gnaws miniatures are the same size as popular goblin can-walkers and come on 60 mm round bases with 7 different weapon options to choose from.
They are available in set of three with the full set of weapons or as a single miniature with the the weapon combo of your choosing.


The Gnawzillas, known as the Kings of all Gnaws, are the largest beasts bred by the orcs. Used as a living tanks they carry the troops and heaviest of weapons across the battlefields. They are notorious with their ravenous nature - the Gnawzilla will devour anyone in its path, even the power-armour clad Prime Legionary!

The Gnawzilla model measures approximately 13 cm in height and 18 cm in length (5" x 7").
It comes with 170x105 cm oval base and three weapon options.
The large armoured howdah can be magnetized with 2x5 mm magnets.

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