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Orktober - Price & set previews


It′s time to unveil the prices of this year′s Orktober releases.
Most of the products will stay with us and will be available after the Orktober ends, but be aware that there are some limited or exclusive goodies!

Take a look at the prices and decide what to get for your greenskin army!

Gnawzilla - 79.99€

This giant Orc beast model with unmatched detail comes with three different weapons!

Killa Gnaws Squad (set of 3) - 54.99€
Killa Gnaw (single miniature) - 19.99€

The Killa Gnaws Squad come with set of three different Killa Gnaw sculpts and a full set of weapons.
Buying a single Killa Gnaw miniature you will be able to choose the weapon options you want.

Orc Krushinator Deffstomper - 89.99€

Orc Krushinator Deffstomper is a titanic Orc walker with standard weaponry - the Tank Rippa close combat weapon and the Deffkannon.
Super-detailed HDF kit with resin add-ons towering 13" high over your tabletop battlefield!

Orc Boomkilla Deffstomper - 99.99€

Orc Boomkilla Deffstomper is a more sophisticated version armed with a massive belly cannon, a close-combat Krushin′ Klaw, a Traktor-Kollida gravity cannon plus an Eye-Poppa gun mounted on a walker′s head!

Orc Deffstomper Weapons & Heads - 14.99€ each
Orc Krushinator Deffstomper Body - 59.99€
Orc Boomkilla Deffstomper Body - 69.99€

If you′re not perfectly happy with the two standard Deffstomper sets, you can be a Big-Mech yourself and assemble your own Deffstomper body, head and arms combo! The Orc Deffstomper Kreator will be available on Bits of War webstore!

Deffstomper Construction Yard - 49.99€

Perfect background piece to display your glorious Deffstomper model and a LOS blocker terrain piece for titan class walkers!

Orc Freak 2020 - 14.99€

Brand new Orc Freak sculpt in 28mm heroic scale made for gaming - unleash the fury of an Orc Psyker with this dynamic miniature!

Orc Freak Collectors Edition - 39.99€

The supersized Orc Freak model is full of crisp detail. Measuring 13,5 cm (5.3") it is an impressive display piece and a titbit for painters and collectors!

Orc Tigerwagon - 99.99€

The most anticipated model of last year′s Orktober is back! It will be available as the Orktober exclusive, limited to 100 copies.
The set includes 9 weapon options and a multitude of customisable bits such as removable backplate that allows you to turn the tank into the armed-to-the-teef open-topped transporter!

Gnawzilla Limited Edition T-Shirt - 24.99€

This year′s Orktober t-shirts come in three colour variations and will be available as a pre-order. They will be sent to you in November.
Remember they are only available in October!

Halloween Special: Pumpkin Gnaw - 9.99€

This special gnaw miniature is another Orktober 2020 exclusive - not limited by quantity, but will be gone from our webstore in November!

There are only few days left waiting for the new releases!
Meanwhile, you can find our previous Orktober goodies in Bits of War webstore:

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