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The Orktober is almost here!
In this article we will present you all of our Orktober 2020 releases.
Make sure to come back here every day - the daily updates will bring you more information about new models and the final trailers will show them in all of their orky glory!

26 September - Orktober: Full prices reveal

Orktober starts next Thursday - start collecting your teef!
In the last preview, we are showing the prices of all 22 products.

It′s right over ′ere lads.

25 September - Orktober: All new releases

Orktober comes!
Today we round-up all of this year′s Orktober releases.
Watch the video and decide what orky goodies you need to get your hands on!

We have presented the main Orktober releases in this article before (see below), but there are still new things to cover!
The Limited Edition Orktober 2020 T-shirt in three colour variations will be available as a pre-order - and will be sent to you in November.
The Halloween Special: Pumpkin Gnaw miniature is another Orktober 2020 exclusive! It is not limited by quantity, but will be gone from our webstore in November.
Plus, behold new shots of the imposing 2020 Orc Freak!
Join us on October 1st on www.bitsofwar.com!

24 September - Orc Deffstompers & Deffstomoper Construction Yard

Build your own orc titan and stomp the toughest enemy to the dust!
We always wanted to make them - HDF Orc Deffstompers with all the weapon options are here for you!
Choose the best outfit for your game style... or get them all and just change the weapons before every battle!

The Orc Deffstomper is a gargantuan orky walker model made from HDF with resin add-ons.
You will be able to choose eight different options - two bodies, two heads and four arm variations!
The Orc Deffstomper Construction Yard is a massive terrain piece to display your Deffstomper and a perfect LOS blocker for titan class walkers.

23 September - Orc Freak & Orc Freak Collectors Edition

Witness the uncontrolled fury of the Orc Psyker!
This stunning resin model will be available in two versions - regular for players and supersized for painters/collectors.
Unleash the psychic frenzy on the battlefield or in your... showcase!

The new Orc Freak model comes in two versions:
  • The regular 28mm heroic scale made for tabletop gaming.
  • The Collectors Edition model measures 13,5 cm (5.3") and it′s an impressive display piece!
Both versions are cast in highest quality resin and come with two head options.

22 September - Orc Tigerwagon

You asked for it, we promised it and now it′s back!
The most anticipated model of the last year′s Orktober will be available in a limited run of 100 copies.
Break the enemy lines in Orc Iron Reich style!

The Orc Tigerwagon is the masterpiece of Iron Reich engineers, roaring metal beast bristling with gun barrels!
The set includes 9 weapon options and a multitude of customisable bits such as removable backplate that allows you to turn the tank into the open-topped transporter (but no less deadly)!
Make sure to secure your copy - our stocks won′t last long, can even disappear on day 1!

21 September - Gnawzilla & Killa Gnaws

Hear the roar of the Orc Beasts!
No matter if you prefer squashing your enemies to pulp with titanic strength or pinning them to the ground with uncontrolled ferocity, we got you covered!
Saddle your angry Gnaws with heavy weaponry and set them on your foes!

The Gnawzilla known as the King of all Gnaws is the giant orc beast model with unmatched detail.
Killa Gnaws come in set of three and make a great alternative for good old goblin bipedal walkers!
Both sets come with all the weapon options you will need in your games, so you may want to kit up some magnets!

Meanwhile, you can find our previous Orktober releases in Bits of War webstore:

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