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New fantasy bits - Inn supplies


Another month and another batch of fantasy bits in Bits of War webstore.
This time we bring you two sets of barrels and two sets of chests - just take a look and you will know that your fantasy table needs them!

Every tavern or a cellar needs those big barrels with ale standing by the walls. The Wooden Hogsheads set brings you a couple of them as well as a pair of racks for a horizontal storage. Perfect place to hide some dwarves!

More barrels! These are super handy - you can use them for your marketplace stand or a merchant′s house, put them on a deck of your ship, use them as markers for your fantasy football team or as wheels of your scratch-built pump wagon. The Wooden Barrels set includes 6 barrels in 3 sizes.

A must-have bits either for dungeon crawling game or an objective driven skirmish battle. There is no easier way to mark random treasures on a gaming table than using fancy chests like these. The Wooden Chests set includes 6 closed chests in 3 sizes.

Speaking of chests - these are even better! The Open Chests set includes 6 chests in 3 sizes with the separate lids. They come with treasures inside - coins, gems, magic tomes - but the treasures are also separate pieces! It′s a great tool for a Game Master, who can put the treasures in some chests and leave some of them empty, close the lids and then scatter them across the table. It′s priceless to watch your players opening another chest to see if there is actually something valuable inside!

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