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Summer Feast & Wizards Workshop


July brought something new to the Bits of War webstore - the whole range of fantasy terrain resin bits.
Take a look at our new releases and decide what can you do with all those goodies!

The Treasure Chests set is a great for making treasure markers of any size and shape - just take a base of a needed size and put some of those chests and pouches on top to receive a sweet looking objective marker for your game. You can use them in both skirmish and roleplaying games, as a building decoration or as a material for an epic bases for your hero miniatures.

Wanted to build a bazaar for your miniature games? Check out our Fantasy Town Marketplace sets with crates, barrels, baskets and bags full of different kinds of food. The best kind of brawl is the one where you throw your enemy into a stall full of fruits and vegetables! Furthermore, those bits are a must-have if you want to hire halflings in your army.

Speaking of halflings - they will love you if you bring them the Tavern Feast set. Boards and pans with delicious looking dishes will boost morale of your soldiers and will bring life to your tabletop tavern model. Yum, those bits just make our mouths water!

The Wizard′s Desk Accessories and Arcane Tomes sets are full of mystic volumes, magical parchments and other desk utensils sought-after by every spellcaster and scholar. If you want to make objective tokens with spell books for your party to seek for or you want to fill your tabletop library or a wizard′s workshop with tomes and scrolls, those sets are for you.

Visit us on Facebook for a chance to win one of the new sets!
We give away them every Tuesday and Friday and we host the last giveaways on 17th, 21st and 24th of July.

If you are interested in more basing resin kits and scatter terrain, you can browse the whole range here.
You will find all of the new fantasy terrain sets in the Bits of War webstore:

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