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Blue Monday - A Song in Remembrance of Orktober Tank


20th of January happens to be a Blue Monday - supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Therefore, we have decided to cheer you up with a good news and... a song!

Remember the glorious Tigerwagon?
This impressive model was available only through the last Orktober and many greenskin commanders are missing it ever since.
Good news is that it will be back in 2020!

Here′s a reveal trailer that presents the one of the mightiest orkish tanks in all of it′s ramshackle greatness:

The Tiger had a huge impact on orc community and new photos of fan′s paint jobs and conversions are being posted every day.
Thank you for all of these!

Meanwhile the Gunz N′ Fungus band recorded a special song about the Tiger called "Orktober Tank".

Freddie Fungus had written the song lyrics in the last days of Orktober, all the while struggling to get enough teef for the Tigerwagon.
Find out how he achieved his goal and why the rest of the band had to eat fungus gruel only for the rest of the year.

However, make no mistake - the real star of this track is the band′s guitarist, Smash, who had written all the music and performed an outstanding guitar solo in the middle of the desert. We hope that this beautiful ′ard rokk ballad will brighten your Blue Monday and the next months of waiting for this year′s Orktober.

Gunz N′ Fungus - Orktober Tank

On the first day of Orktober
They released that awesome tank.
Oh yeah!
But there was that dreadful note
That this one is limited.
Oh no!

Nothin′ lasts forever
Sure, they said it can get back.
It will get back!
But I have to get the money
For this cool Orktober tank!

It′s available for a short, short time,
Just trying to get the teef.
Oh yeah.
But money always comes and money always goes
And no, it′s really late starting it today
putting away.
And if I could take the time to lay this sum aside
I could rest my head knowing that he′s mine
All mine...

So if you wanna help me
Then darlin′ don′t refrain.
And you can loan me money
For this cool Orktober tank!
It′s really cool, yeah!

Honey do you need those teef for your own?
Honey do you need those teef for your own?
Ooh, I really do need those teef for my own!
Ooh, do I really need those teef for my own? Yeah!

I know it′s hard to keep an open heart,
When even grots seem out to harm you.
But if you could grow up these knocked out fangs
I would gladly pull them out from you, woaah-woaaaah!

Honey do you need those teef for your own?
Honey do you need those teef for your own?
Ooh, I really do need those teef for my own!
Ooh, I really do need those teef for my own!

I really need that Tigerwagon!
I really need that Tiger tank!
Everybody needs that tank!
I′m not the only one!

Want to be first to know when the Tigerwagon will be available again? Join our official group to get a notification about it.
Meanwhile, you can find Gunz N′ Fungus band and their ′Eavy Metal Stage, as well as the other Orktober releases in Bits of War webstore:

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