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Kromlech is a Polish tabletop miniature company, manufacturing and distributing high quality miniatures, accessories and scenery for miniature games in 28mm scale.
Our company has a reputation of high-standard, detailed products with quick and comprehensive logistics and support for customer base. We are the same team which contributes to all those successes over the years. We will continue to deliver the best demanded products worldwide.
Kromlech, credits its many years of success to quality of miniatures matched by few and also to our logistics. We have a reputation of processing and shipping orders even the same day they were placed, with largest orders taking few days at utmost. Furthermore, we continue to steadily release new products, making our range expanding to suit the tastes and needs of hobbysts and wargamers alike.

Each and every day we gather in Warsaw, Poland to push the boundaries of miniatures. Our talented artisans and technicians are skilled in 2D and 3D art and design, and above all - storytelling.
Whether we design grimdark cathedrals, post-apocalyptic vehicles, gruesome weapons, or functional gaming accessories, the core mission for us and especially the Design Team, is to craft evocative, awe-inspiring products, which will catch the eye of hobbyists around the globe. In our webstore, you will find products provided with the detailed description and photos. We want to make sure, that you are buying products meeting your exact demands.



Kromlech wants to be associated with the highest level quality of products. Therefore once we seek a partner for cooperation, we want only the best specialists, companies and devices to work with. All laser-cut products, ranging from the terrain to gaming accessories, are made on Trotec devices - top-of-the-line engraving systems, which raise the bar of quality in industry each year. Trotec provides us with new machines each year, ensuring that quality of products will stay the same for years and supervising the quality of our production process. Whichever of our laser-cut products you receive, you can be sure they will have amazing details and will be made with greatest attention to detail and first-class quality of workmanship.

We wish you a great time with your hobby and our products.
Thank you for choosing Kromlech.
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