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Product line focus: Orcs


We love orcs! We love them so much that we started our adventure in the tabletop miniature business with them and we won′t stop to develop more and more of propa orky stuff!
There is no surprise we have a wide range of orc miniatures and bits to customise your greenskin models with.
Take a look at all the different orky lines in our offer and you will realize that you need them for your WAAAR kampain′!

The Iron Reich was one of our first ranges of miniatures. You will find Orc Greatcoats and Orc Afrika Korps here. Remember that if you′re going to the smash some ′umies it′s best to do it in Iron Reich style!

You can also choose from plethora of different greenskin miniatures - notably goblins, specialists and supporting characters.
One of our favourites are the boys and gits from the Gunz N′ Fungus, Orc ′Eavy Metal Band!

Some of our best selling products - the Orc Mecha Armour range lets you field the imposing looking Nobs clad in the heavy plates of scrap armour and armed to the teef!

You can choose from a wide range of orc vehicles and heavy weaponry that will satisfy any war-chief, the dakka-maniac or speed-freak alike!

We love orcs but we also love their orky beasts! You will find the Orc Beasts of different sizes and shapes in our offer, that will bounce across the battlefields, gnaw on your enemies or even devour them whole!

Our Collectors range offers large models full of crisp details, great for professional painters and collectors. Kaptin Orc, Orc Pilot Bust and a latest Orc Freak Collectors Edition make a perfect display pieces and an opportunity to show off your painting skills!

And do not forget that we have a loads of various Greenskins Bits which you can use to customize your models, build your own figures and propa orky vehicles, decorate the bases and what not!

For even more orky goodness take a look at the article about the Orkenburg terrain line from Tabletop Scenics.

′Uge discounts on the whole Orc range, freebies and raffles during the Black Friday sale! Read more here.

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