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Looking at past: Half-year preview


The first half of a year is over and it is time to take a look on what we have achieved in 2020.
Join us as we foot up the projects developed by the Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics teams in the last six months.

The first of the 2020 releases was the Gaming Tokens line supported by the new designs of our Battle Rulers.
The Gaming Tokens feature seventeen designs that will help you track commands, points and other conditions in the most popular games. You can choose between three token sizes and two colours to get an ideal tokens for your needs.

But the big release of January was the Imperial Planetary Outpost - the brand-new Tabletop Scenics terrain line consisting of 18 structures introducing imperial defense lines to your gaming table - fortified walls, bunkers, armoured tank positions and sentry towers. The unique modular system allows to connect different structures and walls without the need of gluing the individual models together - that way you can easily put a different fortifications layout for every game!
All of the buildings have playable interiors, a feature useful especially in skirmish games.

Browse the Imperial Planetary Outpost line here.

The February brought a batch of new materiel for the Imperial Guard armoured forces.
Twelve new designs of Battle Tank Upgrades give you an opportunity to refit your imperial tanks with additional weapons and equipment.

Browse the Battle Tank Upgrade range here.

The reinforcements for the Imperial Guard forces arrived just in time before the ungodly March of Chaos!
New models of the Gore Legion′s Berserkers brought terror and bloodshed with their frightening armour ornaments and deadly chain swords and axes.

Browse the Gore Legion range here.

But even more alarming threat of March was the arrival of the Fallen Knights!
New resin kits made to rebuild your standard Knights to their Chaos equivalents with awe-inspiring armour designs and horribly powerful weapons.

Browse the Fallen Knights range here.

The attack of forces of Chaos left the imperial cities in ruin, reflected by the Gaming Series terrain line premiered in April.
Seven new sets designed for quick and easy assemble and with simple features essential in tabletop gaming. All of the ruined building models have the ledges on every level for the infantry and come with a set of optional binds to cover the windows if the full line of sight blocking is needed.

Browse the Gaming Series range here.

In May our Legion Armoury received Prime Legionary Reinforcements to deal with overwhelming threats to the Empire of Men.
Six new resin sets feature the bodies, shoulder pads, and arms with different weapon options, all fitted for the Prime Legionary models.
We also had a honour to cooperate with Syama Pedersen with the official "Astartes" Retributor Chapter shoulder pads.

Browse the Prime Legionary range here.

Also, check the Next Wave of Prime Legionary releases coming in August!

June was the important month for us with the big release of the official terrain series for the second edition of Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City made in cooperation with Osprey Games. The series feature both HDF and resin kits, fifteen sets in total, that bring the ruined Felstad to your table.
Designed with modular pieces and playable interiors these structures are ideal for skirmish wargames.

Browse the Frostgrave Official Terrain Series range here.

Thank you for being with us - the support of our fans and customers keeps us inspired and motivate us to create new projects and expand existing ones.

Which of the 2020 Kromlech and Tabletops Scenics releases is your favourite?
Join our official group and share your thoughts and suggestions for the future products.

And expect a lot of new stuff - we are working hard to bring more and more goodness to your gaming table this year!

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