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Summer Kitbash Contest


Enjoying summertime folks? Maybe you′ve got some free time on your hands and more than enough bits?
Or have you just finished your new converting project?
...or you were cleaning your hobby desk and found an old converted miniature that you have forgotten about?

Well, grab your camera and shoot a photo - we got an easy deal for you.

We want to see your projects! Past, present or future, doesn′t matter!
Now is the time to share them with us for prizes that no one saw coming. And if there will be more contestants, we will bring even more rewards to the show! How will that work? More on that later...
Every day we see lots of projects and inspiration that comes with it is priceless. We want to award it and even more - make sure you can browse through lots of conversions, paint jobs, or projects and see how our bits work.

Why don′t you take a chance to not only see your job posted on our official fanpage (we will make a gallery of them all!), but also win something just by sharing a pic?

Three guidelines

There are three simple rules: - the conversion has to have a part from the Kromlech range - it could be anything, from Hive City Fence on Titan′s base, to power sword in hands of a psyker. The model doesn′t have to be ours! - both painted and unpainted models are welcomed - send it to us over at kromlechevents@gmail.com or use hashtag #kitbashkromlech and post it on social media - you don′t have to do both!
You can send us or post more than one of course - there are no limits!

Due date

The contest will last till the 28th of August - we will then search through pictures and choose winners, announcing them at the start of September.
Yes, more than one!
Now let′s see, why "the more, the merrier".

No. of winners

Depending on the number of hashtags we will find, more awards will enter the pool.

For each hundred pictures, there will be another winner. If our social-media goblins will find 600 pictures with #kitbashkromlech, then we will award 6 of you! And the pictures don′t have to be from separate accounts - you can post several, each of different projects!
Now what these awards will be? Oh, you are going to love it.

Green is best!

Each person will be awarded with one random of our new releases - one month prior to their premiere! - from Orktober.
Let that sink in.

And we have planned more than enough of them to make our inner Mech-Boss screaming in joy. Resin, HDF, from smallest collectibles to largest pieces that will tower over your enemy!

One of the pieces was glimpsed not so long ago on Tabletop Scenics fanpage:

Any ideas what that might be?
We have only shown you a small part of those epic releases - and there′s more to be previewed in next weeks.

You can read more about those sneak peeks over here.
In time we will reveal more and more of these fantastic kits, that are scheduled to arrive this October. Watch us closely and don′t miss them.


After the dust settles, we will make a gallery including all #kitbashkromlech models on our fanpage and make it loud!
Not to mention that we will probably return to them someday and share in other occasions, of course tagging you along.

Look for updates, sneak peeks and other news on our Facebook Fanpage, Instagram and Twitter.
Few sneak peeks are already there!

If you want more, you will find content of even more mysterious nature in our official Facebook group.

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