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Battle Tank Upgrades - Turrets, Hatch Weapons & more


The cavalry has got new tools!
Once again the mech-engineers proved to be worthy servants of the God Emperor providing new heavy weapons just in time to prepare ourselves before the March of Chaos. All of the new Battle Tank upgrades are available now at bitsofwar.com.

Deadly in close range, this double-barreled Thunder Gun has joined trigger mechanism to allow for spraying out even more armor-piercing bullets.

Classic machine gun, which design has endured millenia, is still present in the distant future. Now available in remote-controlled version!

Most common weapon used on Battle Tanks, this cannon can serve both as anti-infatry and anti-vehicle weapon.

The gun of which heavy infantry and fortifications are scared of. It′s special ammunition allows it to explode after it breaches the heavy armour, sending shrapnel inside enemy bunkers and tearing the victims inside the structure. Ouch!

The torrent of anti-infantry firepower, it′s one of fastest-firing weapons seen on Battle Tanks. With recoil almost absent thanks to tanks stabilisation mechanisms, front line tank commanders love Gatling Cannons for their precision.

Too big to be carried even by Legionaries, this plasma weapon is the ultimate answer to high-risk, high-reward weapons. If there is a large prey to be hunted, make sure to include it in your force.

Possessing a frightening rate of fire and great armour penetration, it fires massive anti-infantry projectiles, shredding the horde of enemies in no time.

Designed with long forgotten technology, this Battle Tank mounted lascannon battery is one of more destructive weapons in Imperial guard arsenal. When tanks with such weapons are deployed, there is always a force of Mechanicum priesthood nearby, in case of emergency repairs which require their forbidden knowledge.

The pinnacle of anti-vehicle tank guns. Thanks to the long barrel and adamantium-covered shells, the Tank Killer Cannon has recently been produced in larger numbers across the Imperium to prepare for Fallen Knights invasions.

The cannon favored by Mech-Priests, it fires highly-specialized shells with radioactive core (which is both dangerous for the enemy, and the tank crew operating it)!

Weapon used for tactical purposes, Light Battle Cannon compensates smaller shells with a higher rate of fire and less recoil. However it can shoot more specialized ammunition - smoke rounds, incendiary shells, or even illuminaton ones to lighten up the battlefield!

If you are now satisfied with the weapons of your tank, you can upgrade it′s engine! We have designed it in similar aesthetic to the tower, with trench rails giving it extra protection when crossing the crater-filled battlefields.

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