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30.000 fans celebration!


There is 30 000 of you already on our fanpage!
To celebrate we bring you a major discount: 20% off on everything in bitsofwar.com webstore at the end of the month (31.01-02.02)!

There is so many products and you don′t know what to choose? Here we have some spotlights to help you decide what you need the most.

The newest product line from Tabletop Scenics: the series of bunkers, sentry towers, armoured walls and gates offers everything you need to build a modular defense line of permanent fortifications. Browse the range here.

A series of buildings and structures made to bring the grimdark imperial cities of distant millennium to your tabletop. Browse the range here.

A series of ramshackle concrete and metal structures depicting the orc way of life and their colorful ′kultur′. Browse the range here.

Crush your enemy with these mighty orcs clad in their clanking mecha armour cutting, chopping and tearing the flesh and metal on their path. Browse the range here.

One of the greatest orc clans of Orc War II is known for their impressive grey uniforms, fail-proof weaponry and superior vehicles. Browse their ranks here.

Gunz N′ Fungus, the Orc ′Eavy Metal Band is slashing, bashing and crushing with their heavy riffs. You can hear them here and grab′em here.

The motley crew of the Rotting Octopus is the ragtag group of scurvy foul-mouthed goblin pirates. Hire them here to steal and plunder for you!

Daemon horrors from the other dimensions, horrible twisted mutants and corrupted Legionaries. Browse our range of Chaos miniatures and bits here.

Die-hard and honourable warriors known for short and stocky bodies and even shorter tempers. You can enlist them for your Imperial Guard army here.

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You can find all of our products in Bits of War webstore:

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