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Black Friday - crew picks!


How about we query some of our workplace Goblins?

We asked around the workplace about the Black Friday product they would recommend and came back with well over a dozen options! Even this was hard to sort out from over thousand sets available. Although the list was long, we have the recommendation from each department of Kromlech - and who′s going to know better than the people who see it every day?

Anyhow, our top five pics:

What speaks more of the power and wealth of Legion′s Armoury, than the fully chaosified walker with two massive Gatlings, shooting (from what we imagine), bullets in form of flaming skulls of enemies. The intricate encasing of the barrels and intimidating nature of armour, makes it a great addition to every Traitor forces of Fallen Knights.
And imagine the firepower that trio of these would bring to the battlefield...


Fallen Knight range has been a great success - and we will be glad to spill some more info on that in the future! Meanwhile, we offer these two amazing sets - as all items, discounted by 20% this Black Friday!

The Red Union is rumoured to receive a boss from the oversees - so he should have some minions to support him, oi?
The Goblin force of komrades under the sign of Red Star is truly a sight to behold on the battlefield; once they start flooding the enemy ranks they are unstoppable.
If they won′t be used earler as living shields that is.

This range has well over several options to choose from, from Tank Crew for your Scrap Tanks, to mobs of these funny fellas. If you are going to start a Revolution this weekend, make it "propa".

The ′klassic′ Kromlech product, Greatcoats have been in our webstore since forever... and as of now, they are not going anywhere! We have seen green hordes around the world, making use of these trench-coated mercenaries - for a good reason. This sculpt is iconic, with whole range expanding over time to include vehicles and heroes of Iron Reich.

Black Friday is a great occasion to start Orc War II army, with all products in this massive range discounted by 20%. Throw some bundles to your basket and enjoy an even larger discount!

Impressive structure from our Gothic Spires range, the Execution Site is an imaginative piece. We liked it so much, we even hanged the concept art in the Tabletop Scenics office!
Movable blade, large base, which can fit an entire squad of Legionaries and the oculus on top - all elements make it a great piece for it′s price. And how atmospheric!

This structure is only one of many, highly-detailed Hive City structures, ready to turn your board into a grimdark battlefield, set in polluted streets of ancient city. Discover more, both HDF and resin pieces!

Although other choices came on top, one of the most mentioned pieces was from the Orktober 2019 range.
Orc Jet Fighta is the ultimate, flying bulletspitter - six guns in front and turret in the back, with tons of steel plates and joints make it a stunning piece - one over which many Orc Pilots will be drooling.

There is over a thousand other products, all ready to be looted this weekend. Follow us and, if needed, set your alarm clock! See you this weekend!

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