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Product Focus – Orc Tigerwagon


Orktober enters it′s second week of green madness - we are ready to make it even crazier... are you?
This week we will present you our favourite resin piece, which is only available this Orktober! It might come back in 2020, but there is no certainty there.
Without further addo, here it is and oh boy, this is a giveaway you will be looking forward to!

The armoured forces of Iron Reich have gathered their most trustworthy engineers* and "convinced"* them to make the most sturdy, dakkest, fastest vehicle they possibly can. After several cycles of designing, drinking funghi beer and sketching boss-know-whats, they have created a vehicle many greatcoats only dream of.
This beast is capable of leveling entire city quadrants on its own - not to mention what the deadly passengers inside can do. Look at the size of this thing!

You may recall that this piece was the winner of our sneak peek tournament - a series of clashes in which our fans decided which product should be revealed two weeks before official release.
If you wanted to see it in great detail, look no further:

This massive piece comes with more options than any of our previous sets. So not only inside the package you will find 9 (!) weapon options, but also replaceable hatches, cover for the back part of the tank, interchangeable exhausts... and Tank Command on top of it!

Make sure to visit us for a chance to win one - we will host a giveaway on Wednesday! Make sure to be there in less then 48 hours, or just join our official group to get a notification about it.

You’ll find all our products in Bits of War webstore:

*those who know overall difference between hammer and a weapon
** bribed

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